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1. To produce your order we need up to 14 business days. Sometimes we can make it faster, depends on our workload. Our principle is to work qualitatively and make our dresses outstanding.



2.1. A service provider has the right to make changes to services provided by aylingrushovenko.com at any time.
2.2. A service provider has the right to change the Terms & Conditions unilaterally, without having the obligation to notify Service user.

2.3. The service user is obliged to familiarize himself/herself with the terms and conditions set forth in Terms & Conditions.

2.4. When placing an order Service user marks a tick in the box „I agree with Terms & Conditions of aylingrushovenko.com, Service user ​assures that he/she has familiarized himself/herself with the Terms & Conditions, understood it and agrees with Terms & Conditions



3.1. The delivery of products ordered from aylingrushovenko.com can take from 5 working days up to 3-4 weeks. Availability of products in aylingrushovenko.com can be different from what is displayed on aylingrushovenko.com website due to technical problems in stock or aylingrushovenko.com programs.

3.2. If the order can not be fulfilled, then an employee of aylingrushovenko.com will contact the Service user and propose a new delivery date or replacement of the product with another product of similar price and quality.

3.3. Product descriptions as displayed in aylingrushovenko.com are not complete and can contain unintentional mistakes.
3.4. Service user chooses desired products, agrees to enter relevant details to complete the order (first name, family name, contact telephone, e-mail address, delivery address, postal code) and make the payment via bank link, Paypal or by cash in case of self-pickup.

3.5. Service user confirms that he/she agrees to pay for the product in full before Service provider fulfills the order.

3.6. The service user is obliged to provide correct data when making the order. A service provider is not responsible for problems caused by incorrect data provided by Service user when making the order.

3.7. aylingrushovenko.com has the right to cancel the order/purchase.



4.  A service provider has the right to change prices displayed on aylingrushovenko.com at any time. If the Service provider has changed prices after Service user has made an order and paid for it, then the Service provider is obliged to provide the product at the price which was displayed at the time of purchase.



5. Products purchased from aylingrushovenko.com can not be returned.



6. Service user gives consent to the Service provider for processing her/his personal data.

6.1. Personal data which is needed for transporting the products to Service user will be given to companies offering the transportation service.

6.2. A service provider is obliged not to give out personal data to third parties.

6.3. A service provider has to give out personal data when required by law.

6.4. Service user has the right to check his/her personal details, modify them or delete them from the database.

6.5. Service user gives consent to Service provider to send an order confirmation to his/her e-mail address entered to the order.